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Arriving in a new country for the first time can be very daunting. You may not speak the language with confidence, you will probably have a lot of luggage with you, and everything will be unfamiliar.

We can help to take the pressure and stress out of this situation by organising the transport to bring you from the airport here to Bournemouth, and even directly to the school or your accommodation.

And when you are ready to leave the UK, your English will be much better, but you will still need to find a way to travel from Bournemouth back to the airport of your choice.

There are three options for you to think about:

Public bus

There are regular buses that travel between all UK airports and Bournemouth. The buses are run by a company called National Express; the service is clean, efficient, and reliable. The prices are also very good, so this is a great option for adults who are travelling alone or independently.

When you arrive in England, you will need to collect your luggage and make your way out of the airport. National Express coaches will be easy to find, don't be afraid of asking someone, and then you just need to show the driver your ticket.

One thing to consider is that these buses will not take you directly to school or your home; they will stop at Bournemouth Travel Interchange. From here, you will need to take a local taxi to reach your final destination.

Once you have booked your flight, let us know the details and we can book a ticket with National Express if you are interested in this service.

Private taxi

If you would like someone to meet you in the airport arrivals hall, and help you with everything, a private taxi is definitely the option for you.

A taxi will be waiting for you when you arrive in England; the driver will be holding a sign with your name and our school's name on it. You will also be given your driver's contact details in advance so that you can find each other easily.

The driver will take you directly to your final destination; to the school or to your accommodation address.

There is no doubt that a private taxi is more expensive than a public bus; however, the service and security that it provides are second-to-none. That is why this is the perfect choice for young learners, as well as students who would like a more personal service.


It may also be possible to travel to Bournemouth by train; the railway station is close to the town centre, and you will be able to take a local taxi to reach your final destination.

We recommend using Trainline to book your tickets; the options and pricing are easy to understand.

Here to help

If you would like any advice or help booking a coach, taxi, or train, we have a lot of experience and we're very happy to help.

Just let us know your travel plans, and we'll work out the best option for you. We'll check you agree and understand, and then we'll book everything for you. We'll send your tickets in advance, and we'll be on the end of the phone if you need us.

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