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It can sometimes be difficult to know the best way to travel to England: by air, by sea, or by rail.

Travelling by plane

Most people travel to England by air; there are many international airports for you to choose, so hopefully you can find a cheap and convenient flight.

Bournemouth Airport is served by a regular bus service and there are always taxis available if you need one.

Many people don't know that Bournemouth has an international airport; it's quite small but it does serve some useful destinations. If you can fly to Bournemouth, it will certainly save you a lot of time once you land in the UK.

Southampton Airport is another really good choice if there are routes that suit you. The airport is much closer to Bournemouth than any of the London airports; it's about 30 minutes by taxi.

You can also take a train directly from Southampton Airport Parkway to Bournemouth. This is relatively cheap and very convenient.

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest, and most famous, airports in the world. It is one of three major airports situated in London and is the closest of the London airports to Bournemouth.

Gatwick Airport offers many international connections and is also situated in London; although it is slightly further away from Bournemouth than Heathrow, there are regular connections and the extra travel time is not that much.

Stansted Airport is also located in London, and you can often find cheap flights to this destination. However, although the airport itself is excellent, you should think carefully about the additional travel time and the available connections.

Travelling by car

If you want to bring your car with you to England, you can certainly do so. However, it is obviously important that you check that your insurance and your vehicle are valid for UK roads.

Remember that we drive on the left, and so any left-hand-drive car will have a disadvantageous driving position.

You should also think about where you are going to park your car because free parking is not always available, especially in town centres.

There is more information about driving in England on our Driving, cycling, walking page.

Travelling by boat

Bournemouth is on the south coast of England, and it is therefore possible to travel by ferry. Our nearest port is Poole, and this is only a short drive, or taxi ride, from Bournemouth.

There are also other ports along the south coast of England, so it might be worth considering these as well.

Travelling by train

Don't forget that England is connected to the rest of Europe by the Channel Tunnel. This can offer an interesting alternative if your area is well connected by rail.

If it is possible, for example, to take a train from your home town to Brussels, Paris, or Amsterdam, you can then change to the Eurostar.

The most sensible destination in England would be St. Pancras in London, as that would be the easiest place from which to get a connecting bus or train to Bournemouth.

Visa Guidelines

Visa Guidelines

If you need a visa to study in the UK, or if you're not sure, we're here to help.

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

We can organise a service to bring you from the airport to Bournemouth, and to take you back again.

Public Transport

Public Transport

Bournemouth has a good local public transport system; we can even help you with reduced ticket prices.

Driving, cycling, walking

Driving, cycling, walking

Getting around our roads may seem strange to you; here is some helpful advice.