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The Bournemouth School of English

The Bournemouth School of English

The Bournemouth School of English

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Our staff bring their own interests and hobbies to help us create a varied and interesting social programme for our students.


We host a welcome meeting for all our new students every Monday morning.

Join us in the coffee room at 10:30; we'll have refreshments and you can say hello to new people at the same time.


We do something at school every Tuesday, and these activities are normally free of charge. Getting together at school is a great opportunity to meet other students and use your English in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

We play games and have quizzes, try food from around the world, and sit down together to watch a film. We also have cultural seminars, where our students can learn about British life and society away from the classroom.


As a current student, you will get a What's On guide every Wednesday.

It'll be delivered straight to your email inbox, and will include lots of ideas for things to do in and around Bournemouth. We also include any special offers we hear about, so that you can get a discount on some of the best local attractions.


We do something in town every Thursday, and these activities normally involve a small cost. Getting together outside of school is a great opportunity to take advantage of everything available in our busy local area.

We go bowling and rock climbing, visit local museums and galleries, and check out the best ice cream parlours and cafes in town. If you're adventurous enough, you can even join us for karaoke or karting!


We host a farewell meeting for all our departing students every Friday lunchtime.

Join us in the coffee room at 12:15; we'll have refreshments and present certificates to those leaving.


The weekend is when our students like to travel; you can explore the local area or go to famous destinations.

We hire a coach every month, normally on the third Saturday of the month, and offer a free trip to somewhere famous or fascinating. The coach trip is free to our current students, and you can choose what to do when you get to the destination.

We go to big cities with shopping centres, magnificent museums and castles with cultural importance, and ancient monuments with global significance. But we also include special events and places which are part of British life and culture.

As a current student, you'll be the first to find out what's going on. But be sure to book quickly as places are limited.

July & August

The summer is always much busier, and we'll have even more opportunities for those joining us in July and August.

Please click this link to see what's happening and when, and don't forget to book early to avoid disappointment.



Seven miles of beaches, busy shopping centres, beautiful gardens, and a vibrant nightlife... Bournemouth has it all!

The South of England

The South of England

Bournemouth is located within reach of many famous cities and fascinating sights.