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Homestay accommodation is where you live with a local host; the host will treat you as a full member of the household, you should expect to eat together and share the common living areas.

We work closely with many homestay hosts to find accommodation for our students. Our homestay hosts are regularly checked and inspected by our Accommodation Officer. Every home is different, but the most important thing to remember is that living with an English host is not like staying in a hotel.

What should I expect?

Homestay accommodation is designed for students of any age, and gives you the opportunity to live with local people who will welcome you and share their home with you.

Homestay accommodation is not available in the town centre, and you will need to travel to/from school by public transport. We'll make sure one bus is all you need to travel to school; the average journey time is around 30 minutes each way.

Homestay accommodation does not normally include a private en-suite bathroom, which means that you will share your bathroom with other people.

Homestay accommodation includes food and the opportunity to eat and spend time with people who use English as their main language.

What is included?

Homestay accommodation includes everything you would expect when living in someone's home. You won't need to pay extra for your electricity, gas, or internet access for example.

Your bed linen and towels are included, and will be washed and changed every week. Your host will be responsible for cleaning the house, but offering to help is a great way of becoming part of "family life". You'll also be responsible for keeping your bedroom clean and tidy.

You'll be able to wash your clothes every week - the host might do this for you, or just let you use their washing machine. If you need to wash your clothes more than once a week, there may be a small extra charge.

If you're under 18, your clothes will be washed and your room will be cleaned for you.

Is it right for me?

Homestay accommodation is not better or worse than residential accommodation; they are different and offer different advantages. It is important that you think about what will suit you and your lifestyle.

- Homestay accommodation gives students the opportunity to live with people who speak English every day; you will be able to practise what you have learnt in the classroom, and also learn about British culture and homes.

- Homestay accommodation allows you to share someone's home; you will need to respect their house rules and fit in with their daily routine. In return, they will welcome you and encourage you to become part of their lives while you are staying with them.

- Homestay accommodation provides students with an extra layer of protection; the adults in the home work closely with the school to make sure our guests are happy and healthy.

Single Room or Shared Room

If you are travelling alone, you will be given your own room: a Single Room. This will be your own personal space and you will not share your room with another student.

If you are travelling and studying with a friend, family member, or as part of a group, you can also request Shared Room accommodation so that you can stay together.

Full Board or Part Board

You can choose between Full Board and Part Board accommodation: the difference is the number of meals that are included each day.

Full Board accommodation includes three meals a day, every day. You will normally be able to help yourself to breakfast, although some families do sit down for breakfast together. A packed lunch is normally provided from Monday to Friday as you are at school rather than at home during the week. Dinner is eaten with the family.

Part Board allows you the flexibility to buy your own lunch; the family will provide you with breakfast and dinner.

Please note that the Part Board option is only available to students who are 18 years of age or over.


The UK is a nation of animal lovers, and most homestay hosts have pets.

Dogs and cats are the most common, but you could also expect to find guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, or indoor birds. Pets will not be allowed in your room unless you want them to, but they are otherwise treated as part of the family.

You must be prepared to accept this if you choose homestay accommodation. We can only guarantee a pet-free homestay host if you provide a medical certificate in advance; you will also need to give us at least 4 weeks' notice of your requirement.

If you do not want to live with pets, we recommend residential accommodation; you will live in a town-centre student residence with the guarantee of a private room and no pets in the building.



Residential accommodation is only available to adults and will give you a private room in a shared building.

Private rentals

Private rentals

Renting a room with other students can be a great experience, but you need to be careful.



There are many hotels in the area, with a budget to suit every pocket!

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

We've got a collection of local B&Bs for you to browse.



Apartments or flats can be a good solution for families, small groups of friends, or executives.

Au Pair

Au Pair

If you can work closely with children and their parents, being an au pair could be for you.