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Allison:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


Qualifying as a TEFL teacher in 1998, I have worked in this branch of teaching in the UK and abroad intermittently, between posts as mainstream, secondary school teacher, since then.

Working alongside students of all levels in small classes and watching them develop confidence in developing and using their language skills is hugely rewarding. At the Bournemouth School of English, the breadth and depth of topics involved in studying the four key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, has been developed over many years. The result is an ability for students of all levels to access a wide range of language skills at any point of the year.

Andrew:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


I have worked as an English language teacher for a number of years. I have gained experience in all areas of the English language business during this time and can say with authority that The Bournemouth School of English provides an ideal environment for overseas students to learn English.

The classes are small, the school and the teachers' focus is on each individual student. The students have regular tutorials where they can talk one to one with a teacher to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. The atmosphere is one where the teachers and students talk to each other on the same level and as a result the school becomes an extended part of each student's family. A place where the student can feel comfortable and relaxed.

I hope that when you arrive you will feel this too.

Emma:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


The Bournemouth School of English gave me one of my very first teaching jobs back in 1998, and I haven't looked back since! When Mark and I took over the school in 2002, we were very careful to make sure that we stayed true to the original ethos of the school, providing a high standard of education within a safe, familiar, comfortable environment.

Over the years we have welcomed hundreds of students through our doors, and we look forward to welcoming hundreds more in the future. We all get a huge sense of satisfaction from helping our students to improve their English, supporting them during their time in a foreign country, and offering them a personalised service to fulfill their needs.

I am so proud of everything that we have achieved up to this point, and thanks to an amazing team of teachers and staff, we continue to grow and improve all the time. We would love the opportunity to meet you and to be a part of your amazing learning experience here in Bournemouth!

Jenny:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


Having taught for many years, both in the UK and abroad, I can honestly say that The Bournemouth School of English is a great choice!

What I like most about the school is the warm and friendly atmosphere. The small class sizes allow for a more personal approach, which is greatly appreciated by our students. We are able to monitor their needs closely and follow their progress. With the open nature of the school, our students feel comfortable coming to the teachers, who are always on hand to advise them.

With our mix of nationalities, students are able to forge friendships and leave, and often return, having had a great experience.

Leigh:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


As a teacher here for more than 10 years, I have had the privilege of playing a small part in a memorable and important part of our students' lives.

Students come to our school from all corners of the globe: South Korea to Slovakia, Latvia to Libya. Many are young or away from home and loved ones for the first time. Our school offers a safe and friendly family atmosphere from which students can learn about themselves and other cultures. They can explore the British Isles, our way of life, our food and our traditions while also improving their English. Many students make lifelong friends during their time here, and some return to visit us years later.

We have students of all ages and abilities, and we make every effort to help them feel at home. Due to our small class sizes, the teachers and staff are able to help on a personal level, and we do our best to make every student feel welcome.

Marian:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


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Mark:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


I started working at The Bournemouth School of English in 2000, as part of a team of only 3 teachers! In September 2002, Emma and I took over management of the school. Since then, it's amazing to see how much the school has grown and developed.

What I love about the school is that, even though we have expanded with more classrooms and more students, the sense of family still remains. We work hard to make sure every student is an individual; we encourage a friendly atmosphere, but we have high standards as well.

Our team has grown and developed with us, and we are incredibly fortunate to have so many fantastic teachers here. Not only will they help you to understand and improve your English, they will also become your friends and family away from home.

Matt:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


I have worked at The Bournemouth School of English for many years, not only helping students to gain the qualifications they need, but also experience British life and culture in a positive and rewarding way. The courses are designed to maximise the potential of every individual student and lessons are engaging as well as challenging.

As Welfare Officer, I feel it is vital that students feel comfortable and happy to use their English in a setting that is welcoming and warm. The welfare of our students is a top priority and so they are given individual tutorials, regular feedback and, most importantly, are able to speak to their teachers about any issues they may have, making their time in England an experience they will never forget.

It is the family atmosphere that makes The Bournemouth School of English so different from other schools, with all the staff committed to making your time here a positive one.

Michael:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


Having taught English here in the UK and abroad since leaving university, I have found the atmosphere here at the Bournemouth School of English to be one of the best, and certainly the most welcoming.

Our students come from all corners of the world, and our small class sizes and personal approach to teaching help each student to feel safe and comfortable, especially when many have moved to another country for the first time. Throughout their time here students are offered much more than language lessons, they have

opportunities to explore the whole of Britain, to learn about British culture and to make new friends from as far afield as Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia.

It is a pleasure to work here, to help students to enjoy their learning, and to make one and all feel at home here, leaving with wonderful memories and many fantastic stories to tell.

Michelle:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


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Neville:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


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Nigel:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


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Wendy:  @ The Bournemouth School of English


During my time at The Bournemouth School of English I have had a wealth of opportunity to develop as a teacher, and have progressed to the position of Assistant Director of Studies.

The small class sizes have enabled me to maintain a close professional relationship with the students, allowing me to adapt to their individual needs, as well as gaining some true friends. I am proud of being able to help students achieve excellent Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS results, which will hopefully have a huge impact on their future lives. I also act as a BULATS examiner for the school.

The friendly, family atmosphere within the school means I have chosen to stay here since 2007, and I hope this will continue for many years to come.